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Upcoming Meetings & Events

August 2015
Date Event Type
August 31 - September 30 2015-2016 Membership Renewal Meeting
September 2015
Date Event Type
September 1 September Leadership Roundtable Meeting
September 16 Ask the Experts: Your Burning HR Questions Answered Meeting
October 2015
Date Event Type
October 27 2015 Labor & Employment Law Update Conference
November 2015
Date Event Type
November 3 November Leadership Roundtable Meeting
November 18 Creating Line of Sight: How to Get to the Bottom Line Through Your Employees Meeting
December 2015
Date Event Type
December 16 Diversity: An Exercise in Privilege Meeting
January 2016
Date Event Type
January 5 January Leadership Roundtable Meeting
March 2016
Date Event Type
March 1 March Leadership Roundtable Meeting
May 2016
Date Event Type
May 3 May Leadership Roundtable Meeting