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    Leadership DISCovery for HR Leaders - Full Day Workshop - Joint Session with Blair County

    Date: March 18, 2015, 8:30am – 3:00pm
    Rebecca Cianci
    Toftrees Resort and Conference Center
    1 Country Club Lane
    State College, Pa. 16803
    $50.00 (breakfast and lunch are included)
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    Leadership DISCoveryfor HR Leaders

    This personalized, assessment based approach provides powerful insights into:

    • Understanding your temperament and how this impacts your interpersonal style.  
    • Connecting with different temperament types quickly to increase effectiveness.
    • Minimizing misunderstandings and frictions that can get in the way of reaching objectives.
    • Enhancing your ability to work smarter, faster, and better with others.
    • Navigating stress to increase “attachment,” motivation, and performance.

    DISCovery is a fascinating exploration into what makes you, your employees, and even your family members tick!  It’s all about maximizing your interpersonal relationships and learning about HR tools and technology that can increase your influence as an HR leader.  

    Session Pre-Work:

    Prior to the session, each participant will complete three online assessment instruments.   

    • Bartell DISCription Temperament Inventory - Temperament   The DISC measures temperament, the foundation on which personality forms. This is perhaps the most important element of who you are, because it is thought to be inborn. It's how a person is "hard wired." The DISC measures dominant and recessive temperaments including: Driving, Influencing, Stabilizing, and Conscientious.
    • PVA – Personality Vector Analysis The PVA is a very dynamic measurement of personality.  It takes a snapshot of personality and current growth/development, as well as vector/valence, a measurement of a personal’s natural influence through a task/output approach or a people/process orientation. 
    • AMP - Stress Source Profile (response to 10 organizational stressors and “Attachment” Index)   AMP measures a person's response to 10 different organizationally induced stressors: Work-Life Balance, Role Potential, Alignment of Expectation, Role Shift, Workload Level, Team Support, Competence Perception, Culture Alignment, Role Clarity, Resources Availability.  The patterns in these stress scores reveal precisely where to intervene to focus healthy stress for positive results.

    Session Focus:

    The results of your assessment instruments will all be woven into the workshop, making it personalized, data driven, and powerful in terms of immediate application. 

    Leadership DISCovery™ will answer questions for participants like…

    • What are my strengths that I can leverage as a leader?
    • Do I have a quality that could block or inhibit effective leadership and teamness?
    • How can I better align myself with others?
    • Where’s my stress originating and how do I navigate through it in the healthiest way? 
    • What leadership areas are natural for me and what do I need develop and strengthen?

    This session will give you a new lens through which to see “what’s really happening” around you and what types of stressors are impacting you and your organization. 

    It’s important to define the difference between “Stress” and “Strain.”  Stress is the force that acts upon us, while strain is what we feel in response to that stressor.   We’ll explore 10 key stressors impacting you and their impact on your attachment, motivation and performance:

    • Work/Life Balance
    • Role Potential
    • Alignment of Expectation
    • Role Shift
    • Workload Level
    • Team Support
    • Competence Perception
    • Culture Alignment
    • Role Clarity
    • Resource Availability

    Understanding of the stressors measured by AMP™ and their impact on your people, gives HR a power tool for retaining top talent and ensuring organizational health that produces...

    • Attached” employees
    • A “Motivated” workforce and
    • High “Performance!’

    The more attached employees are, the greater their motivation, healthier the organization and the higher their performance.  This session will better equip you to cultivate success in yourself and in those around you!


    • Workshop Facilitation by Dr. Bill Brashers from Bartell & Bartell

    This program been approved for 5 (General) recertification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification through the HR Certification Institute.